Vinno G55 / M50

Cart-based Colour Diagnostic Ultrasound Units

Impilo are authorised distributors for SIUI and Mindray and are the exclusive Southern African Agents for Vinno

Vinno is an exciting innovative brand now launching in South Africa.

VINNO’s commitment to research and development, which builds on their solid foundation in ultrasound technology, allows them to optimize, innovate, and continue to deliver superior products. Vinno’s revolutionary RF platform, the first of its kind, offers unique processing technology, resulting in high-quality ultrasound images, and unmatched performance.

Advanced features dedicated to womens healthcare (M50) or general use (G55)

  • Innovative, cutting-edge volume imaging processing technology
  • First class image quality


  • 18.5” High resolution monitor
  • 10” Touch screen
  • Pulse wave Doppler
  • Colour / Power / Directional power Doppler flow imaging
  • DVD-RW and 4 USB ports
  • Auto optimization
  • Auto trace in PW / CW
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Innovative RF platform 

The revolutionary RF platform, the first In the world, removes the limitation of hardware pre-processing of traditional ultrasound platforms. This allows all radio frequency signals to be used for processing (a far bigger data size than current traditional ultrasound is using). This results in much better image quality, resolution and contrast. This platform also has a higher frequency range which can support probes from 1-25MHz.

Clinical Images

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